Welcome to Symmetry

Welcome to Symmetry

Why we're your Recruitment Agency!

We're your Recruitment Agency because we believe in going beyond your expectation, we believe in honesty and accountability for performance. We believe in fairness and treating our candidates, colleagues and clients as we like to be treated ourselves. We love placing people in jobs and helping companies grow by referring them top quality people. We believe in having fun and enjoying our work whilst always providing a professional service.

We're your Recruitment Agency because we're like you.


Symmetry provide temporary staff and permanent candidates that meet your specifications


For a satisfying new career, your best opportunities start with Symmetry.

Latest News

Do you sit all day? Read on..

A new study that suggests sitting for too long can be deadly in the long run, even if you exercise regularly, has an exercise physiologist in Winnipeg calling for workplace changes that encourage employees to stand and walk more often. In an analysis that pooled data from 41 international studies, Toronto researchers found the amount [...]

The Symmetry Experience

What is the Symmetry Experience? In March 2013 Symmetry Human Resources engaged the services of Gavin Freeman of the Business Olympian Group, to work with our management team to assist in outlining the strategic direction of the business. Some of the targets we set were: The establishment of a national branch network. The establishment of [...]

Modern Award Methodologies

Modern Awards have a number of methodologies to use for the calculation of casual pay loadings and penalties. The following is a concise explanation courtesy of Fair Work.    The Default Method (Code B) Under most modern awards when a casual employee gets a penalty rate, both the casual loading and the penalty rate is [...]

Business Conditions at a 4 Year High

  In positive news for business the National Australia Bank survey of 400 companies showed its index of business conditions jumped 6 points to stand at +8 in July, the highest since early 2010. Companies confirmed a sharp increase in sales and profitability with business conditions hitting their highest levels in four years in July [...]

Union Enterprise Strategy

In a disturbing new national strategy unions will seek to shift the cost of some federal budget measures from workers to employers. It is expected that during the coming enterprise bargain negotiations unions will attempt to rewrite workplace agreements so that employers wear the cost of the proposed $7 doctor’s co-payment if a medical certificate [...]