Welcome to Symmetry

Welcome to Symmetry

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We're your Recruitment Agency because we believe in going beyond your expectation, we believe in honesty and accountability for performance. We believe in fairness and treating our candidates, colleagues and clients as we like to be treated ourselves. We love placing people in jobs and helping companies grow by referring them top quality people. We believe in having fun and enjoying our work whilst always providing a professional service.

We're your Recruitment Agency because we're like you.


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Latest News

Business Conditions at a 4 Year High

  In positive news for business the National Australia Bank survey of 400 companies showed its index of business conditions jumped 6 points to stand at +8 in July, the highest since early 2010. Companies confirmed a sharp increase in sales and profitability with business conditions hitting their highest levels in four years in July [...]

Union Enterprise Strategy

In a disturbing new national strategy unions will seek to shift the cost of some federal budget measures from workers to employers. It is expected that during the coming enterprise bargain negotiations unions will attempt to rewrite workplace agreements so that employers wear the cost of the proposed $7 doctor’s co-payment if a medical certificate [...]

Overview of Minimum Wages

 Adjustments to the minimum wage structure, reviewed annually by Fair Work Australia, are due to take effect on July 1. This year minimum wages will increase by 3%.  Briefly, the minimum wage is an employee’s base rate of pay for ordinary hours worked, and is generally dependent on the industrial instrument that applies to their [...]

Budget Highlights – What do they mean for employment?

“The age of entitlement is over, it has to be replaced, not with an age of austerity but with an age of opportunity” so said Joe Hockey when delivering the Federal budget this week.  What do the changes mean for employers?  Well if you employ staff over 50 years of age you will be handed [...]

Fair Work Changes to Rules Surrounding Rosters

On 1 January 2014 there was a change to all modern awards that wasn’t widely communicated. The variation to modern awards now means that you have to consult with employees before changing their regular roster or ordinary hours of work. The change really confirms what are common practices in most work places and as such [...]