Welcome to Symmetry

Welcome to Symmetry

Why we're your Recruitment Agency!

We're your Recruitment Agency because we believe in going beyond your expectation, we believe in honesty and accountability for performance. We believe in fairness and treating our candidates, colleagues and clients as we like to be treated ourselves. We love placing people in jobs and helping companies grow by referring them top quality people. We believe in having fun and enjoying our work whilst always providing a professional service.

We're your Recruitment Agency because we're like you.


Symmetry provide temporary staff and permanent candidates that meet your specifications


For a satisfying new career, your best opportunities start with Symmetry.

Latest News

Phoenix & Asbestos

The Phoenix Syndrome   As a business crime it’s as old as the hills, but now it has been given a catchy new name – the Phoenix Syndrome.   In Greek mythology the phoenix was a bird that gained new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor.  A neat trick if you can [...]

Facebook & Employees

Facebook can be fun, informative, useful – and extremely dangerous. It is vital that employers be aware of the implications for workplace relations.  A recent case involving Linfox found an employee was unfairly dismissed despite having inappropriate and offensive comments about his employer on his Facebook page. Some of the derogatory comments had sexual or [...]


Higher penalties are now in place for breaches of most federal laws, with the ATO being given more muscle to impose penalties. Several of the penalties handed down by the ATO are calculated using penalty units rather than dollar values or percentages of shortfall amounts.  Beginning in January, the value of a penalty unit has [...]

Keating calls for higher super contributions

We’re all living too long ! The man who created Australia’s compulsory superannuation scheme has called for employer contributions to be lifted to 15% of salary because we don’t die early enough. And he also says self managed funds should be out of reach to anyone with less than $600,000 in savings.   Former Prime [...]

Guarding your company’s treasures

Workplace theft can be as simple as a few missing items of stock – worrying, but often hard to trace. Or it can be as complex as the loss of vital information that goes right to the core of the business. Private investigator are often hired to spy on compensation claimants, but  today’s sleuths are [...]