Why is it still so hard to recruit and what you can do about it Image

Why is it still so hard to recruit and what you can do about it

As you probably know if you’ve tried to do any hiring recently, there are a record number of job vacancies and fewer candidates than usual. International travel restrictions are leaving us short on migrant labour, students, and backpackers. But it’s more than that. 

It looks like lots of people with jobs are just reluctant to switch right now, while others are leaving the workforce or ‘downsizing’ as they take early retirement or make lifestyle adjustments. There is also evidence of a skills mismatch between the jobs on offer and the people looking for work. 

So, what’s the answer if you have positions you desperately need to fill?

  • First of all, look after your existing staff extremely well. It’s a job seeker’s market right now, so anyone that’s actually any good has their pick of employers.
  • Make sure your pay and conditions are, at the very least, above average for your industry and location. This will keep attrition down and allow you to attract more staff. 
  • Understand that the pandemic really has led many people to want a better work/life balance, more flexibility in choosing their shifts, and more personally rewarding and meaningful work. How can you accommodate those wishes? 
  • Keep at it. Even if you’re getting no response to your job ads, just keep working and reaching out to candidates and eventually you will get there. 
  • Finally, make sure you look after your people, have their back, and give them a great environment to work in. Candidates can instantly tell a great place to work from a bad one. 

With the ongoing pandemic, keeping your staff safe and well is also a major issue. We have a white paper on monitoring employee health and well being during the pandemic that you might find helpful.

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