Casual Staff

Symmetry HR is passionate about the people we work with – both our clients and candidates.

Our major focus in servicing our clients is to ensure that we supply casual staff with the skill, motivation and desire to perform the duties that you assign them.

It’s all about planning – beginning with our research of your unique requirements, and continuing through selection of the perfect candidates from our extensive database of quality personnel.

We then give a solid briefing about their tasks, make sure they are familiar with the organisation and enthuse them about the job in hand.

This ensures seamless introduction of skilled temporary staff who understand your company and really care about their temporary posting.

Our strategy is to supply temporary staff who have skills, motivation and desire to perform the duties you assign them. When they arrive at your premises they already know what needs to be done and how best to do it.

This reduces management downtime spent on dealing with casual staff and ourselves.

Passionate people play a major part in success of every organisation.

Employ some passion and let the team at Symmetry HRplan your casual staff solutions.