Permanent Staff

At Symmetry HR, we have developed systems that ensure we only refer permanent staff candidates that meet consistently high standards. Our aim is to make filling your vacant positions as easy as possible for you. With this in mind we have detailed below the minimum expectations you should expect when you engage Symmetry to source your permanent staff.

Position Description

We will, with your assistance develop a detailed position description that identifies key duties and responsibilities, required qualifications and experience and preferred personal attributes.

A quality position description underpins the entire search and hiring process that we undertake.

Innovative Advertising

Symmetry is renowned for our ability to locate the best candidate when other agencies have been unsuccessful in doing so. This is because we spread our advertising campaign across all the traditional media as well as researching the other options available for the type of candidate you are seeking.

Extensive Database

We have an extensive database of candidates suitable for a wide variety of positions. Prior to advertising we will search our database for candidates that may be suitable for your vacant position.

Position Specific Interview

Many Recruitment agencies conduct their interviews by rote. Whilst we believe it is important to have “standard” interview questions, we also develop a series of questions that specifically relate to your vacant position.

Comprehensive Reference Checks

A minimum of two reference checks will be conducted for each applicant who passes the first interview stage. Our references are conducted through the use of both set questions and probing questions to ensure that we can get a clear idea of the candidate’s attitude, experience and skills, as well as their strengths and areas where they could improve.


We have a range of assessments available to use as a screening mechanism and are inclusive as part of our standard service. These assessments include:

  • Microsoft Office Software Assessments
  • Numeracy Assessments
  • Progressive Logic Assessments
  • Mechanical Aptitude Assessments
  • Typing Speed Assessments

In addition we have available to us through qualified psychologists, a range of psychometric assessments. These assessments are charged at cost to you.

Regular Feedback

We believe it is important to keep you up to date with the status of our progress in searching for candidates for your vacancies.

We therefore will contact you regularly to give you feedback, good and poor, to advise you of the status of your order for staff.

Consultant Presented Shortlist

Your Symmetry Consultant will refer to you the best available candidates for your vacant position.

Some Recruitment Agencies refer candidates unsuitable for a position to create the effect they are working hard on your vacancy. We do not partake in this practice and will refer ONLY the candidates that we believe suit the vacant position.

Competitive Professional Fee

Our fee structure is highly competitive and generally includes the cost of advertising.


Your decision to utilise Symmetry to search for your staff members is covered by our replacement guarantee.