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Case Study: Solving the

How to solve the 'no-show' problem with new hires

Casual staff not showing up for their shifts causes huge problems, resulting in lost production and profits. In this tight labour market it's becoming more of an issue.

Download this short case study to find out how Symmetry HR reduces 'no-shows' and walkouts by new hires at a leading meal delivery service's production and logistics facility in Melbourne.

  • What's the one simple change to the interview process that makes all the difference?
  • If you use agencies to recruit, what do they need to do to make sure you always fill your shifts?
  • How can you eliminate all the risks of hiring casuals and converting them to perms under the new laws?
  • What should your agencies be doing to help you improve your performance and culture?

Download the free case study and apply these techniques to your own recruitment process.

And if you'd like to find out a little more about Symmetry's vast experience, feel free to book a 15 minute call to see how we can help you improve your recruitment results.