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Responding to the changing job market Image

Responding to the changing job market

The new Industrial Relations Omnibus Bill that became law in March is a game changer.

Hiring and managing the casuals and temps that most all kinds of businesses rely on to fill their rosters and meet their commercial targets is becoming more time consuming and expensive.

The new rules around how you hire casuals and set up their contracts, how you have to communicate their shifts, and how you handle the casual to temp conversion process place a costly burden on the employer.

At the same time the job market has changed, maybe permanently, as a result of the pandemic and economic uncertainty in its wake.

So, if the law has changed, and the job market has changed, why carry on doing things the old way?

There is an easier and cheaper way to keep running at optimum capacity.

Hiring all your own staff costs you more and is less flexible than using a labour hire model for the bulk of your casual worker needs.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • We have access to a huge pool of casual and perm talent across multiple industries including manufacturing, call centre, warehouse, food & beverage, distribution, back office, admin, and lots of other support roles.
  • Put simply, we can find qualified people more quickly and far more cheaply than you can. We can have them onsite within an hour to cover for absences. We can have them trained on your processes and ready to step in when needed.
  • And when it comes to contracts, communicating their hours, and managing the casual conversion process, well all that’s on us to do. Not only can you be sure it will be done right, the admin overhead involved gets absorbed by us and split between you and multiple other clients.
  • Best of all, if there are any casual conversion compensation claims they are on us, not you.

Symmetry’s comprehensive casual labour force management package means you never have to worry about filling your shifts again.

Just send us your rosters and we’ll fill the gaps (or the whole thing) with the right people and manage cover for absences whether your facility works 24/5 or 24/7.

Above and beyond that we will also take care of:

  • OH&S induction and onboarding for your facility,
  • All admin and legal requirements around the new IR laws,
  • Rostering and payroll for all your temps (and perms if you want).

We’ll even throw in free temp to perm conversion for 6 months.

Click here to set up a 15 minute meeting with us to talk it through.